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Project BG06-101 „International Youth Centre for work with children and Young People at Risk in Stara Zagora“ – municipality of Stara Zagora

Budget: 1 395 379.91euro

The main objective: The main objective of the project is establishment of an international youth centre by construction and modernisation of a suitable infrastructure and implementing efficient measures and services aimed at groups of children and young people at risk or underprivileged to comply with the requirements for obtaining a CE Quality mark. To that end Stara Zagora Municipality has chosen the old cinema “Jelio Dimanov, located at a suitable place with good communication facilities and location in the town centre.                                                                    

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Reconstruction of an existing building, furnishing and equipping a centre for work with young people at risk.
  • Creating clubs for work with young people in various spheres.                                                         
  • Complying with the criteria for youth policies, youth programmes, requirements for infrastructure and administration of the centre.
  • Preparation and application for receiving a CE Quality mark.
  • Providing sustainability for the project activities.
  • Including the values of the Council of Europe as basic priority and accent                                                          

Project partner: Non-profit Аssociation "World Without Borders"

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Project BG06-102 „Youth Centre Dobrich - Your Tomorrow“ – municipality of Dobrich

Budget: 1 269 461.00 euro

The main objective: is to involve and integrate into the community young people aged between 15 and 29 years, youth from low-income families with deviant behavior, in institutions, at-risk, youth from ethnic minorities, youth at risk, living in small and remote settlements/areas, through their involvement in the activities of the Youth Center Dobrich

Project partners: The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities; Cultural club “Romano drom-2002”; High School “Ljuben Karavelov”, Dobrich; High School “Dimitar Talev”, Dobrich.

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Project BG06-103 „Establishing a Youth centre in the city of Plovdiv“ - municipality of Plovdiv

Budget:1 354 593.94 euro

The main objective: the main objective of the project is to establish a youth centre in the city of Plovdiv by building an appropriate infrastructure and implementing services and programmes for young people at risk and underprivileged youngsters; a centre that meets the requirements for a Quality Label – modern standard of the Council of Europe.

The youth centre is being built near the Regatta Venue Park in the city of Plovdiv. It will be a three-story building with different functional areas: an accommodation area, offices and interactive educational centre area and a canteen area. There will be a number of meeting rooms and spacious halls for conducting conference, seminars and non-formal educational activities. A state-of-the-art computer and multimedia rooms as well as a modern library will be specially equipped to suit the purposes of the centre.

The work of the centre will be geared towards supporting and improving the life and well-being of the young people, aged 15-29, through developing and implementing non-formal educational activities. The services and programmes offered at the youth centre will be accessible to all people, including such coming from low-income families, social institutions, ethnic minorities as well as young people, living in remote and rural areas around Plovdiv.

Project partners: Agder Research и Foundation "National Alliance for Volunteer action" - Plovdiv

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Project BG06-105 „To improve the welfare of children and young people at risk - building a sustainable model for integration and social inclusion in the municipality of Vratsa“ – municipality of Vratsa

Budget: 1 160 206.00 euro

Main objective: Improving the welfare of children and young people at risk in the municipality of Vratsa through creation of Youth center and the introduction of services for young people at risk who meet the requirements for obtaining a Quality Label of Council of Europe.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Improving conditions for equal access to education, training and employment;
  • Enhancing motivation for eligibility of children and parents from ethnic minorities;
  • Conduct additional activities with children and young people from ethnic minorities;
  • Involvement of parents in the educational, social and career development of children and students;
  • Improving the physical environment in which the process of integration;
  • Integration activities for children and youth by organizing joint initiatives;
  • Preservation and development of the cultural identity of children through organized events in the integration environment;
  • Changing public attitudes towards greater tolerance for youth at risk;
  • Developing a strategic document – Programme for the Integration of disadvantaged young people.

Project partner: Association "New road"

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