Approved projects - Component 4

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Component 4

Project BG 06-C4 “Educational Integration, Health, and Social Development” – Region of Krasna polyana - Sofia Municipality

Budget: 359 240 euro 

Main Project Objective:

The construction of a kitchen, dining room, and two classrooms in the building of 75 Primary School “Todor Kableshkov”. Establishing an effective model for an adequate pre-school education of 50 children ranging from 4 to 6 years of age within the Roma community at the residential quarter “Fakulteta”

Specific project objectives:

  • Network expansion of additional pedagogical, social and psychological services to attain early integration of the children
  • Conducting extra training in Bulgarian language with the purpose of mastering it as a criterion for successful performance with the school material.
  • Acquisition of school habits of the children by interactive training in multifunctional classrooms
  • Developing skills for a healthy lifestyle including healthy nourishment for 50 children in two groups at the new classrooms and 100 six-years old children from the preparatory groups under fitting environment in the new dining room at 75 Primary School “Todor Kableshkov”
  • Outreach work with Roma parents performed by the Roma mediator based on the project. Increasing the Roma parents’ involvement in the educational process.
  • Preserving and developing the children’s cultural identity by organizing mutual activities with other child care facilities within “Krasna Polyana” district.
  • Consultations with psychologist, speech therapist, prophylactic examinations, and sports activities for the children.