Criteria for acquiring the label

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Quality Label

Criteria for acquiring the label

Criterion 12:
The centre promotes the Council of Europe's values

12.1. The centre's ethos,programme and working philosophy are grounded in the values of the Council of Europe: respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law
12.2 The centre promotes the priorities of the Council of Europe's youth sector by actively addressing human rights education, intercultural learning, youth participation, active democratic citizenship and social inclusion of young people in its activities and working practices
12.3 The values of the Council of Europe are reflected in a human rights based code of ethics for the functioning of the centre.

Criterion 13:
The centre promotes the Council of Europe's programmes

13.1 Council of Europe publications are prominently displayed and available for dissemination to participants and visitors
13.2 The staff of the centre know about the relationship to the Council of Europe and can give relevant information about it to participants
13.3 The centre promotes the activities of the Council of Europe (e.g.seminars, campaigns,etc.).

Criterion 14:
The centre has transparent financial procedures and controlling mechanisms

14.1 The centre can demonstrate that relevant financial management and accountability mechanisms in conformity with national tax and not-for-profit regulations are in place.

Criterion 15:
The centre is service- and client-orientated

15.1 The users / clients of the centre are systematically asked to provide evaluation and feedback about the service delivered by the centre
15.2 The centre's management take into account user / client evaluations and feedback to improve the quality of service on an ongoing basis.