Criteria for acquiring the label

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Quality LabelCriteria for acquiring the label

Criterion 9:
The centre contributes to the development of the quality of youth work

9.1 The centre regularly implements evaluation as a basis for learning and selfimprovement
9.2 The centre is developing new and innovative youth work models
9.3 The centre exchanges information with other actors of the youth sector on the content and quality of their work,and with professionals and volunteers involved in youth work development at national and international levels
9.4 The centre produces its own educational materials and disseminates these to the youth sector nationally and internationally.

Criterion 10:
The centre ensures the involvement of young people, youth organisations and associations in the development of their concepts and programmes

10.1 The centre takes into account the situation and concerns of young people in the development of its programme
10.2 The centre is an ally for youth civil society in advocating for decision makers and power holders to take young people's points of view and concerns into account when making and implementing policies
10.3 The centre calls on the expertise of youth organisations, associations and structures that have relevant specific competence to enrich certain activities, and considers them as consultants 10.4 The centre develops key activities and best practices in a participative manner with young people,youth organisations,associations and structures.

Criterion 11:
The centre contributes to the orientation of youth policies

11.1 The centre is a location in which a diversity of stakeholders reflect on the implications of youth work for youth policy
11.2 The centre is engaged in direct advocacy for sound youth policies,in other words, for a stronger link between the on-the-ground reality of young people and the content of youth policies
11.3 The centre has regular exchange on youth policy with the public authorities responsible for youth.