Criteria for acquiring the Quality Label for Youth Centres

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Quality LabelCriteria for acquiring the Quality Label for Youth Centres

Criterion 6:
The centre offers a tolerant and safe working environment respectful of diversity and human dignity

6.1 The centre demonstrates coherence of deed and action in relation to the values of the Council of Europe through its working practices and structural make-up
6.2 The centre is accessible to young people with special needs, both in terms of programming as well as physical means
6.3 The centre actively pursues an environmentally-friendly approach
6.4 The centre can provide documentary evidence that national standards are being respected with regard to fire security, work safety, accessibility and health and hygiene.

Criterion 7:
The centre offers appropriate working conditions for activities of the youth sector

7.1 The centre offers flexible and adequate working conditions for activities using non-formal education methodology and an atmosphere suitable and favourable to international activities
7.2 The centre's staff understand how non-formal education works and that their role is to support the activities.

Criterion 8:
The centre provides minimum infrastructure suited to international activities with diverse groups of participants

8.1 The working conditions in the centre are suitable to different formats of activities,interactive methodology activities as well as seminars,conferences and policy meetings
8.2 The centre can provide solutions for groups who wish to work with simultaneous interpretation
8.3 Key staff (management,reception,education,security) have foreign language competencies (especially English or French). Language courses should be provided in order to improve the skills of those who do speak languages,and for those in the team who start from scratch.