Human Resources and Administrative Services Directorate

  1. organizes and is responsible for the activities related to the preparation of individual administrative acts and documents related to arising, modification and termination of civil service and labor relations;
  2. prepares and maintains the staffing establishment and personnel lists of the Ministry and the regional departments of education;
  3. coordinates and consults the activities in connection with the preparation of the staffing establishment and personnel lists of the basic units and the administrative structures of the Ministry;
  4. prepares and updates salaries in the Ministry and in the regional departments of education;
  5. organizes and coordinates the recruitment and selection of personnel, is responsible for conducting the competitions under the Civil Servants Act and the Labor Code, where the Minister exercises the powers of appointing authority or employer, respectively;
  6. establishes, maintains and keeps the civil service and labor dossiers of employees in the Ministry, of civil servants in the regional departments of education, of heads of the administrative structures and the basic units of the Ministry and of employees in schools abroad; is responsible for the proper taking of various types of leave; issues and certifies civil service and labor records; issues social security income certificates, certificates for insurance service and other pension documents;
  7. provides methodological, organizational and technical assistance for the development and updating of job descriptions;
  8. organizes and coordinates the process of performance appraisal of employees, where this is provided for by law;
  9. analyzes the needs, and plans and supports the organization of training of employees aimed at increasing their qualification and promoting their career development;
  10. renders legal assistance for the implementation of the powers of the Minister as head of administration and provides timely legal advice and assistance in connection with appeals and alerts, related to civil service and labor relations;
  11. organizes the procedures for applying measures of disciplinary responsibility for the employees;
  12. provides legal services in terms of the legal representation of the Minister and the Ministry in the proceedings relating to arising, modification and termination of the civil service relations, where the Minister acts as appointing authority, and of the labor relations, where the Minister exercises the powers of employer;
  13. develops and updates documents in the field of human resources;
  14. makes entries in the Administrative registry at the Council of Ministers concerning:
    1. administrative structures and its governing bodies;
    2. vacant positions in the administration;
    3. notices of competitions for civil servants;
    4. civil service relations;
  15. organizes and carries out, through an automated information system, recordkeeping activity, including through a system for archiving and storing the correspondence information, and other documentation of the Ministry;
  16. receives, registers, reviews and distributes the incoming correspondence (appeals, petitions, letters, summons, statements, proposals, recommendations and other documentation);
  17. enters in the outgoing register and sends the outgoing correspondence, and provides external and internal courier services;
  18. performs searches and prepares certified copies of documents kept in the recordkeeping archive, organizes an expert review on the value of documents stored in the archive, its processing and submission to the Central state archives;
  19. organizes the coordination and submission of draft acts of the Council of Ministers at a meeting of the Council of ministers;
  20. maintains an archive of the draft acts, which were submitted to, considered and adopted by the Council of Ministers, and provides the necessary information to the members of the political cabinet, the secretary general, and the directors of the directorates;
  21. summarizes and designs Ministry’s proposals to be included in the Council of Ministers’ legislative agenda;
  22. prepares information and reports on the Ministry’s activities related to the administrative services, provided to natural and legal persons;
  23. is responsible for submission of the acts of the Minister for promulgation in the State Gazette;
  24. makes entries in the administrative registry at the Council of Ministers concerning the administrative services and existing registration, license and authorization regimes, the document forms and templates related thereto, as well as the issued individual administrative acts;
  25. is responsible for timely and lawful performance of the obligations relating to the proposals and alerts by natural and legal persons under the Administrative Procedure Code, and of the obligations under the Access to Public Information Act;
  26. organizes a reception room of the Ministry for dealing with incoming requests (applications), appeals and protests, alerts and proposals by citizens, and maintains a register thereof;
  27. organizes the provision of timely, accurate and complete information and renders assistance to the ombudsman in the exercise of his/her powers;
  28. ensures the overall activity of the Ministry, related to the administrative service for the natural and legal persons under the principle of ‘one-stop shop’;
  29. carries out verification of the authenticity of the educational documents under incoming written inquiries;
  30. assists in the introduction and implementation of systems related to e-government implementation and the interoperability of data exchanged between administrations;
  31. is responsible for the activities related to publishing strategic documents and draft regulatory acts of the Ministry on the Internet portal for public consultations.