Property Management and Accounting Services Directorate

  1. organizes and carries out the logistics support and supply of the Ministry with machines and equipment, spare parts, tool inventory, office equipment, supplies and furniture;
  2. is responsible for the proper, lawful and efficient use, management and protection of movable property, made available for use by the Ministry;
  3. provides the maintenance of the buildings used by the Ministry, the institutional housing fund, the installations and the facilities, and organizes the conclusion of contracts with external contractors;
  4. organizes and performs the overall servicing of the Ministry with transport vehicles, as well as the registration, insurance, maintenance and repair, and annual technical inspections of the motor vehicles; is responsible for the supply, storage, management and use of the commodity stocks and supplies; organizes and provides cleaning services and ensures the maintenance of sanitary and hygienic conditions in the administrative buildings of the Ministry, and in its adjoining premises and outdoor areas;
  5. organizes and implements the financial and accounting activities of the Ministry in accordance with the requirements of the Accountancy Act, the Chart of Accounts for budget enterprises, the Unified Budget Classification and the accounting standards and guidelines applicable for budget enterprises;
  6. effects the payments and services the transit accounts of the Ministry, acting in its capacity of a first-level spending unit;
  7. analyzes and administers the expenditures incurred by the Ministry;
  8. gathers the data and prepares the annual financial statements of the Ministry and the consolidated financial statements of the administrative structures of the Ministry;
  9. ensures the keeping of accounting documents in accordance with the requirements of the Accountancy Act and the internal rules and instructions;
  10. elaborates an Action plan of the Ministry for disaster protection, manages and conducts the relevant activities;
  11. provides methodological guidance to the administrative structures of the Ministry in the development of plans for disaster protection;
  12. establishes connections and interacts with the competent national services in relation to mobilization activities and civil protection, provides data for the preparation of the National Program for Disaster Protection and the National Plan for Implementation of Urgent and Emergency Rescue and Recovery Works;
  13. proposes and organizes the implementation of the measures set forth in the Annual National Action Plan on protection of the critical infrastructure and potentially hazardous and sensitive sites;
  14. plans, allocates and reports the budget funds, intended for defensive and mobilization training and preventive activities to reduce the harmful effects of crises, disasters and accidents;
  15. organizes the 24-hour duty to notify the employees of the central administration about the shift of the country from a peace to war status at a military mobilization, and in the event of disasters and accidents;
  16. organizes training for actions in the event of disasters;
  17. organizes the implementation of access procedures related to the administrative building of the Ministry;
  18. 18. coordinates the work of the Occupational Medicine Service;
  19. carries out various activities related to accidents at work;
  20. carries out the activities related to occupational safety and health at work and gives the relevant instructions for the employees.