External European Programs Directorate

External European Programs Directorate performs the functions of the Program Operator under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (FM of EEA), including under the program “Children and Youth at Risk”, as follows:

  1. is responsible for the development and overall implementation of the program, co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism;
  2. develops the control and monitoring systems for the program;
  3. is responsible for the development of guidelines for collection of project proposals for the individual operations of the program;
  4. announces public calls for submission of project proposals;
  5. is responsible for the evaluation of the project proposals received (including such for predefined projects under the program);
  6. prepares and concludes contracts for the implementation of projects approved for funding;
  7. conducts trainings to beneficiaries for the implementation of projects in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation on the implementation of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area;
  8. exercises control on the implementation of the contracts, concluded with the beneficiaries, including by performing on-the-spot checks;
  9. verifies the expenditures and make payments under the program; develops written rules and verification procedures, by keeping information and findings from each verification carried out, including the information on measures taken in the event of irregularities found;
  10. is responsible for the implementation and use by beneficiaries of a separate account or an adequate accounting analytics as well as a system for recording and storing in electronic form the accounting information for the implementation of projects;
  11. analyzes risks and takes appropriate measures to overcome and/or mitigate the effects thereof, with a view to the effective implementation of the program and to the achievement of the results set forth for therein;
  12. ensures publicity and public awareness of activities and events related to the implementation of the program;
  13. coordinates the elaboration and maintenance of the website of the program (in Bulgarian and English languages);
  14. (1) prepares interim reports and annual report, as well as a final report on the overall implementation of the program.

(2) The implementation of the functions under Paragraph 1 shall be assisted by employees, who occupy, under the terms and conditions of labor relation, the position ‘Assistant for management of European projects and programs’.

(3) The remuneration of employees under Paragraph 2 shall be financed entirely from the expenditure for management under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area