Inclusive Education Directorate

  1. provides opportunities for the physical, social and personal development of children by encouraging the development of school policies for non-formal instruction and the development of school organizational culture;
  2. establishes, maintains and promotes a broad information base in the fields of: civic education, health education; education for sustainable development; prevention of violence through:
    1. development of educational programs and training materials, collection and implementation of products and good practices from implemented projects;
  3. supports the interaction between educational, family, institutional and social environment;
  4. carries out activities in the field of civic education, health education, education for sustainable development and prevention of violence through cooperation and partnership between teachers, parents, pupils and representatives of external organizations and institutions;
  5. organizes and coordinates activities related to the provision of general and additional support for personal development of the children and pupils;
  6. develops and is responsible for the introduction and implementation of the state education standard for the inclusive education;
  7. contributes to the implementation of programs for additional support to children of outstanding talent;
  8. supports the implementation of the state policy for development of the forms of educational integration of children and pupils with special learning needs and/or suffering chronic diseases in institutions within the pre-school and school education system;
  9. performs activities related to the placement, training and education of pupils with delinquent behavior in the correctional boarding schools and in the social and pedagogical boarding;
  10. supports the implementation of the policy in the field of integration of children and pupils from ethnic minority groups by providing them the same educational opportunities;
  11. is responsible for the implementation of the European requirements in the field of integration of children and pupils from migrant families;
  12. is responsible for the elaboration, updating and application of the regulatory acts and the individual and general administrative acts, related to its functional expertise;
  13. participates in the synchronization of national legislation with the European Union acts relating to its functional expertise.