International Cooperation Directorate

  1. prepares draft programs for visits in the country by foreign delegations and guests and organizes meetings with ambassadors or other embassy employees;
  2. coordinates the program of the Minister, the members of the political cabinet and the Secretary General on official and working visits abroad;
  3. prepares and coordinates the programs for visits in the country by official guests of the Minister, the Deputy Ministers and the Secretary General;
  4. takes responsibility for the provision of interpreting services at the meetings with foreigners and carries out translations of materials and documents from Bulgarian language into the relevant foreign language and vice versa;
  5. organizes and coordinates the activities of Working Group No. 16 ‘Education, Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications and Research’ at the Council for European Affairs;
  6. carries out coordination with the Permanent representation of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union and prepares the Bulgaria’s participation in the work of the Council of the European Union in the framework of ‘the Council of EU Ministers of Education’, as well as in the work of its auxiliary bodies;
  7. assists and coordinates the participation of experts from the Ministry in the working groups of the European Commission in the field of education;
  8. coordinates the relations of the Ministry with other institutions concerning the international and European cooperation;
  9. is responsible for the preparation of intergovernmental and interagency agreements, programs and protocols and for the inclusion of our country in multilateral intergovernmental and non-governmental agreements on educational exchanges;
  10. organizes and coordinates the implementation of the obligations of the Ministry, assumed under bilateral and international agreements, protocols and programs;
  11. prepares the necessary documents, organizes, coordinates and supports the visits of the members of the political cabinet and the experts of the Ministry in their business trips abroad;
  12. maintains and coordinates the operational links with international governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the European Union, etc.;
  13. notifies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in writing on any international public appearances and presentations of the Minister of Education and Science;
  14. takes responsibility and coordinates the activities for the implementation of the Ministry’s commitments, provided for in the applicable national and European legislation, in relation to the development and implementation of a cohesion policy of the European Union, as well as in other programs and instruments, supporting the development of the education and science sphere.