Qualifications and Career Development Directorate

  1. is responsible for the development and implementation of the state policy for the qualifications and career development of the educationalists;
  2. organizes and is responsible for the development and updating of the regulatory framework related to the qualification, career development, appraisal and differentiated remuneration of the educationalists;
  3. develops and is responsible for the introduction and implementation of the state education standard for the status and professional development of the teachers and the other educationalists;
  4. organizes and manages the activities related to the development of the state requirements for acquiring professional qualification of a teacher;
  5. develops strategic and programming documents for qualification and career development of the educationalists, according to professional needs on the ground, supervises and coordinates its implementation by the administrative structures of the Ministry with functions in the same field;
  6. coordinates the relations with the state institutions, schools and NGOs, working in the field of teachers’ qualifications and career development, as well as with the social partners;
  7. organizes the activities for the establishment of the qualification of the persons with the requirements for the occupation of teaching positions in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  8. participates in the synchronization of national legislation with the European Union acts relating to its functional expertise;
  9. is responsible for the elaboration, updating and application of the regulatory acts and the individual and general administrative acts, related to its functional expertise.