Science Directorate

  1. implements the national policy in the field of science, technological development and innovation;
  2. assists and participates in the implementation of the national science strategy in the preparation of accompanying relevant documents;
  3. develops and proposes for endorsement scientific programs in accordance with the national priorities and priorities of the European Union, as well as programs and projects of regional importance;
  4. gathers data and prepares proposals on the state of scientific potential, existing facilities and infrastructure;
  5. organizes a periodic assessment of the scientific and research system, which includes the assessment of scientific institutions, financial instruments, this to include public funds for science and innovation, scientific programs and scientific infrastructure;
  6. organizes the monitoring and analysis of the activities of the Bulgarian National Science Fund (BNSF) and provides guidance for the development of the Fund’s annual activity program;
  7. maintains databases and license for reference scientific publications;
  8. develops and implements the commitments under the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (NRRI) and for participation of national consortia in Pan-European research infrastructures, based on regular international assessment and validation;
  9. encourages the participation of young researchers by organizing and supporting the implementation of national, regional and European initiatives;
  10. elaborates and implements rules for the allocation and control of funds, earmarked from the state budget for scientific or artistic activity, being inherent to the state higher education establishments;
  11. is responsible for the application and implementation of the commitments of the Republic of Bulgaria, stemming from our membership in the European Union, in the field of science in the context of the renewed Lisbon Strategy and Vision 2020;
  12. implements general coordination of the framework programs for research, technological development, demonstration activities, innovation, competitiveness and nuclear research, of the European Cooperation in Science and Technology Programme (COST) and of the participation in joint research centers;
  13. coordinates and supports Bulgaria’s participation in joint technology initiatives, at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), in joint programming initiatives and in standing and temporary working groups of the European Commission and the Council on issues of science, knowledge transfer and innovation;
  14. prepares the Ministry’s participation in the work of the Competitiveness Council of the European Union, a gathering of EU ministers of science;
  15. participates in the open method of coordination of the national science policies of the Member States of the European Union;
  16. initiates, administers and participates in the development of projects under programs, funded by the World Bank and other donors that meet the objectives and priorities of the government policy in the field of science;
  17. organizes, upon the Minister’s order, the development of analytical documents relating to the development of science;
  18. proposes financial support schemes for the participation of Bulgarian scientists and scientific organizations in international scientific projects and in international conferences on a competitive basis;
  19. organizes, in coordination with the Minister, the activities of the National Council for Science and Innovation and prepares the documents related to its work;
  20. participates in the preparation of intergovernmental and interagency agreements, programs, protocols, and non-governmental agreements for scientific and technological cooperation and scientific exchange;
  21. is responsible for the implementation of the obligations of the Ministry, assumed under the bilateral agreements for scientific and technological cooperation;
  22. carries out activities to implement the Government’s policy aimed at improving the ‘Science-Business’ relationship “;
  23. carries out an inventory of scientific equipment and keeps a register of its realization;
  24. is responsible for the elaboration, updating and application of the regulatory acts and the individual and general administrative acts, related to its functional expertise;
  25. participates in the synchronization of national legislation with the European Union acts relating to its functional expertise.