State Property and Public Procurement Directorate

  1. assists the activities of the Minister in implementing the policy in relation to the acquisition, management and disposal of immovable and movable assets, being state property;
  2. prepares proposals for solving the problem issues related to the change of ownership;
  3. carries out activities with regard to the conclusion and implementation of contracts related to immovable and movable assets, being state property;
  4. keeps the full documentation constituting evidence of property ownership rights;
  5. provides legal services in terms of the legal representation of the Minister and the Ministry in the legal proceedings relating to the management of state property and the procedures for the award of public procurement contracts;
  6. gives opinions on issues related to immovable and movable assets, owned by sole proprietor commercial companies with state participation in the capital;
  7. gives opinions on proposals for granting of concessions and permits for prospecting and/or exploration of subsurface resources;
  8. organizes and takes responsibility for the activities related to implementation of the investment policy of the Ministry;
  9. coordinates the activity and assists the Minister in exercise of his/her powers in implementing the budget for capital expenditure, by preparing and proposing drafts of nominal lists of sites for construction and repair for the relevant year, which will be financed by the Ministry;
  10. organizes, implements, coordinates and consults all activities related to the preparation and award of public procurement contracts by the Ministry;
  11. organizes and is responsible for the activity of preparing and keeping a public procurement registry;
  12. organizes and is responsible for the activity related to the investment control;
  13. organizes and is responsible for maintaining a database on the main funds in the field of education and science;
  14. (new SG, No. 80 of 2016, in force since 11.10.2016) is responsible for the adoption, implementation and application of the state education standard for the physical environment and the information and library provision of kindergartens, schools, and personality development support centers;
  15. is responsible for the elaboration, updating and application of the regulatory acts and the individual and general administrative acts, related to its functional expertise;
  16. participates in the synchronization of national legislation with the European Union acts relating to its functional expertise.