In the academic year 2023/2024, over 156 thousand students are studying in professional fields, and their number is increasing with each passing year. This became clear from the words of the Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Galin Tsokov during the opening of the annual school fair of the National Commercial and Banking High School. With the event, the school celebrates its 111th anniversary and 25 years since the launch of the “Integrative Practical Learning” project.

“For a quarter of a century now, you have been really changing education with this annual initiative,” emphasized Prof. Galin Tsokov. According to him, such projects show the connection between practice and theoretical training and the benefits of competence-oriented education. “With what you are doing, you are building real skills that you will need tomorrow for realization in the knowledge-based economy.” Even more valuable is the team spirit that I see in the preparation of each of your projects and the building of ideas based on friendship,” the minister added. He wished the students to continue working with the same dedication and creativity, and to find their fulfillment in Bulgaria.

The National Commercial and Banking High School is the school with the most educational enterprises in the world – 64 formations with more than 800 participating students annually. At this year’s edition of the fair, all 64 formations are participating – 20 educational banks, 6 educational insurance companies and 38 educational commercial companies with a wide variety of activities. They have 43 mentors and sponsors – banks, companies, insurance companies from the real business, who provide methodical and financial assistance for the work on the project.

Minister Tsokov looked at the students’ stands, and they demonstrated to him culinary skills, a business plan for the development of a veterinary clinic, a functioning ATM, advantageous credit lines, fitness programs, motorcycle maintenance and much more.

During the 25 years that the Integrative Practical Learning project has been developing, high school teams have participated in more than 100 international business competitions and fairs in Austria, Germany, Spain, USA, Slovakia, Finland, France, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Costa Rica. More than 360 team and individual awards were won.

Today’s event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science Marieta Georgieva, the head of Regional Education Department-Sofia Vanya Kastreva and others.