Shaping Europe’s Digital Future: PC for Extreme Scale Scientific and Industrial Applications

The Conference on “Shaping Europe’s Digital Future: HPC for Extreme Scale Scientific and Industrial Applications” will be held on 19 April 2018. The event is part of the Calendar of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and will take place at Hall 2 (Azaryan Theatre) of the National Palace of Culture.

The Conference, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, in close cooperation with the European Union, is initiated by the Bulgarian Commission Mariya Gabriel.

The forum aims to raise awareness on the role of high performance computing (HPC) systems to shape Europe’s digital future and provide solutions for a wide range of social and economic challenges. The event will focus on the impact of HPC on the development of research and innovation, stressing on increasing the competitiveness of the wider area of South and Eastern Europe.

The conference is a key moment in the process of forming our digital future as it will also address the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking proposal of the European Commission, which aims to achieve a significant increase in scientific and industrial competitiveness in the European Union.
The other key focus of the event will be on the role of HPC in medicine, in particular the brain as one of the most complex systems, and also the personalized healthcare.

Modern research and innovation in medicine rely on the precise and rapid analysis of a huge amount of data and new technologies as well as human resources with adequate skills in ICT, bioinformatics. etc.

The event will gather together representatives of EU Institutions, National, Regional and Local authorities, academic representatives, investors, innovators and other stakeholders.