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Programme Operator:

Ministry of education and science, European External Programmes Directorate

Sofia 1113, 125 “Tsarigradsko shouse” blvd., bl. 5, fl. 2


Tsvetana Gerdjikova, Director, [email protected]

Mariya Vasileva – Valova, state expert, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 220;

Teodora Taneva, state expert, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 222;

Boryana Boyanova, chief expert, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 227;

Martina Mihaylova, senior expert, [email protected], phone 02/4676 226;

Mariya Spasova, senior expert, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 224;

Violeta Ivanova - Grancharova, junior expert, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 227;

Mariya Teodorova, senior associate, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 221;

Djeni Uzunova, senior associate, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 226;

Elena Miloshova, senior associate, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 223;

Milena Mincheva, senior associate, [email protected], phone: 02/4676 223.


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